What is 1bit.space?

1BIT SPACE is a completely free tool where you can create shrinked links, and without invesment, you get paid. Now you can make money from home, when managing and protecting your links when you are sharing content and many platforms like social media.

How 1bit.space count my earnings?

You can get paid only for unique and REAL users, all another ways like: robots, iframe, exchangers, chat groups or websites that works like an exchanger, forced redirects, spam through e-mail and whatever method we can considered illegal, are prohibited. Also you can get paid for unique users visiting multiple links. We count 3 visits per user/IP in a period of 24 hours, this condition will be restarted at the end of monetizable period for one user (24 hours).

When will I get paid?

We place your "current balance" to "available to withdrawn" manually, at 1st day of each month if you have the minimun amount in the current balance. After that we send the payment on 1-7th day to your address or e-mail of the payment method selected.

Methods: PayPal, WebMoney (WMZ), Bitcoin, Litecoin & BitcoinCash: you need at least $5USD to get paid.

What will happen if I wasn't able earn enough to be paid??

There is no need to worry in case you fail to earn the minimum amount to be paid at payment day. What you have earned shall be carried into the next payment day or until you are able to meet the minimum amount.

We allow third party downloadable content?

You can shrink links that redirect to remote file upload sites (file hostings) like MEGA, Google Drive, Mediafire and others, but we may block these links if we receive a complaint. Please note that we do not allow "shrinking urls" that redirect to direct download content with Copyright for any reason or shrinking URLs which redirect to websites that contains the above mentioned content.

Someone is shrinking my link without authorization can you stop it?

You will be able to make a request 'to stop shrinking a link'. contact to us, through the live chat.

Is it okay to ask people to click on my links so that I can make money?

No. It is essential that the user should click on your shortened links for the sole purpose of getting to the destination website (no malicious or deceptive sites) and not because they were solicited or forced to do so.

We allow faucet traffic ?

Yes, we allow any type of faucet.

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